Jean Padgett

This study began in 1979 as one Sunday School lesson with a poster for a house. Over the years it developed into a series of lessons based on Jean's personal experiences as she grew in the Christian faith. There is humor as well as poignancy as she describes her years of running from God's call to the mission field, only to discover that she had not missed the call -- just the location of the field.


The "Rooms of Your Life" series is perfect for:

Sunday School ClassesWomen's Ministries
Prayer MeetingsCouples
RetreatsSenior Adults
Adult Bible SchoolsSingle Adults

The complete study takes about seven hours, but Jean has several condensed versions that she can present from forty-five minutes to just a few hours. She is very flexible in adapting the program to fit your schedule.

DVD’s of “The Rooms of Your Life” and “The Room Beyond” are available at events. They may also be ordered by e-mail (padgettjean at bellsouth dot net) or by phone (803-345-5046.) In addition, workbooks, CD’s of David Padgett’s song (featured on the home page) , and prints of “The Room Beyond” are also available.

Jean Padgett is an active member of Riverland Hills Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C. She has two grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren.

An article about "The Rooms of Your Life" entitled "Miniatures in Ministry" was featured in the June 2004 issue of Miniature Collector Magazine.


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